Concrete Slabs & Foundations

Your Home Needs A Good Foundation!

A concrete slab or foundation is the most important part of any new structure.  It provides the stability that the structure needs to remain standing. Without a strong foundation, structures are at risk of collapsing. Your foundation helps to transfer weight from the upper floors of the structure down to the ground, which prevents damage to the upper floors during earthquakes or other natural disasters.

You want a concrete contractor that understands the importance of a firm foundation and one who knows how to make it! It’s always our aim to build a well-constructed and durable concrete slab for your project. We take great care in ensuring that the foundation is properly compacted and level.  So, the building constructed on top of it will be stable and long-lasting. We use high-quality materials and professional know-how to achieve this goal.

A concrete slab foundation is poured directly on the ground. Therefore, the soil beneath the slab is compacted to provide a firm base for the foundation. Concrete slabs are often used in areas where the soil is not suitable for other types of foundations, such as pier or beam foundations.

The biggest advantage of a slab foundation is that it is relatively simple and quick to construct. They are generally easier to maintain than crawl spaces. Additionally, slab foundations are extremely durable and can last for many years with good maintenance. 

Get your concrete foundation done right Roswell! Done by professionals you can rely on to install a well-built and long lasting concrete slab. Call today! 

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Residential Concrete Slab Projects

Well poured concrete adds value to your home. Driveways and sidewalks can up the curb appeal ante for you. A nice looking concrete patio or path will add to the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. Also, it boosts your homes worth. Ultimately, a good foundation is what your whole structure rests on. Therefore, having a good foundation means you have a long-lasting and valuable asset. 

Commercial Concrete Slab Projects

Quality concrete work is necessary for a lot of businesses. From ADA ramps to sidewalks, to patios. There are lots of different applications for concrete pouring. Again, nice concrete work can add value to your commercial business and make it look more aesthetically pleasing. Call us for all your concrete slab needs!

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