Concrete Stem Walls

A Good Stem Wall Foundation For Your Home!

Concrete stem walls are built to support a home or other structure. Stem walls bear the “load” of the structure. This supports the weight of the building and distributes it over a larger area. The footing is a concrete slab placed under the stem wall to provide additional support. The stem wall and footing work together to provide a stable foundation for the house. 

Stem walls are short walls laid on top of a concrete footing and help support the weight of a structure. Stem wall height varies. But, they are typically shorter than the main walls of the building they are supporting. In some cases, stem walls may also be used to support other structures, such as decks or porches. 

Made of concrete or concrete block, stem wall can protect a house from flooding and some other environmental situations. Because of the lifted base, concrete stem walls offer easier access to plumbing, wiring, and other mechanical systems that may be installed below the floor of a structure. This gives stem walls an advantage over the use of concrete slabs. 

Another advantage of using stem walls is that the height of the walls can be varied depending on the terrain. So when a build sight has very uneven ground at different points or bedrock that is uneven stem walls make it easier to build a level structure. A concrete slab, in this case, could get very expensive and labor intensive.  

It’s typical to find stem walls in houses with crawl spaces. And they are common here in New Mexico. 

How do we make concrete stem walls?

There are a few common first steps in the construction of concrete stem walls. 

Clear the site. We remove any debris or plants on the site.

Compact the subgrade. We use a compactor and fill in holes where necessary. The goal being to create a level and densely uniform place for the footings to be poured.

Pour the footings. The footings are made with concrete and should be at least 12 inches below the frost line. 

Construct the stem wall. Either using concrete or concrete block. 

After constructing the stem wall, a sill plate gets attached to the stem wall with anchor bolts. The sill plate is a horizontal piece that is attached to the top of the stem wall. The sill plate provides a connection between the wall and the floor joists. 

Concrete Wall Projects

Quality concrete work is necessary for a lot of different projects. Besides stem walls, there are lots of different applications for concrete walls. An ascetically pleasing concrete wall can add a lot to your outdoor space.  Call us for all your concrete wall needs!

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