Concrete Repair

Do You Need Concrete Repair?

If you own a home, then chances are that you have some kind of concrete around your property. Check your property for signs that you need concrete repair.

Although concrete is a sturdy material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, it is often exposed to the elements on a regular basis. This causes it to degrade over time. Even foundation slabs experience problem due to changes in the soil around and under then. The constant exposure to moisture and temperature changes can cause the concrete to crack and crumble, which can reduce its lifespan. 

In order to extend the life of your concrete, you need to know what the signs of wear are. 

If you notice any of the common signs associated with concrete damage, it is important to get an expert opinion regarding repair. While some of these signs may not be indicative of serious damage, it is always best to err on the side of caution and consult a professional.

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At our company, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch Concrete Repair services at rates that are budget-friendly. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering excellent results that will exceed your expectations.

We use only the best tools and materials available in order to provide you with a finished product that looks amazing and functions properly. We understand the importance of concrete repair, and we take our responsibility seriously.

Common Signs You Need Concrete Foundation Repair

Concrete foundation repair is necessary if you notice any of the following signs in your foundation. Even though you may not think that anything is wrong, these are signs that you should be concerned about your concrete. Waiting could cause significant structural damage to your home. 

Cracks Appearing in Your Concrete

When cracks begin to appear in your concrete structures it’s definitely time to call a concrete contractor. The constant changes in freezing and heating of the weather will affect your concrete over time, especially if it is outdoors. Get an assessment of any cracks in your concrete foundation.

Sagging or Sinking Floors

A common sign that you need concrete repair is sagging or sinking floors. What can cause your floors to sag or sink? The most likely culprits are water damage, settlement, and erosion. Over time

your concrete foundation will settle and/or sink, this often causes sagging, sinking, or uneven floors. In addition, this can also lead to pressure on your walls and ceilings causing them to bow as well.

Stem walls that are settling can also cause your interior floors to sinking and become uneven. It’s time to get a check up from your favorite concrete contractor! Also, look for cracked steps.

Sticking Doors and/or Windows

Do your windows and doors stick when you open them? This is one of the early signs of concrete issues. A professional will be able to quickly determine the level of damage and can advise if the repair should be done immediately or if it can wait until later.

Cracked Walls

Interior and exterior walls often crack when there is settling of the concrete foundation or stem walls. It’s important to have an expert come by and inspect your property to make sure nothing serious is going on.

concrete repair

Walls Bowing

This is one of the most obvious signs that you need to call a concrete repair contractor as soon as possible. Walls often bow due to the pressure put on them when concrete settles and the floors of your home begin to sink. Know that, this can lead to big structural problems in your home and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Water Pooling on Concrete Surfaces

Water pooling on concrete surfaces can be an indication of foundation damage. It can also mean your house doesn’t have proper drainage. Allowing water to stay right next to your exterior walls can cause further stress and damage to concrete if left unfixed.

Unusual Floor or Doorway Creaking Sounds

It’s frustrating when the floors and doorways in your home or office are perpetually creaking, especially if you suspect it may be due to an issue with the foundation. The noises could be an indication that the frame of your home is warping because of a foundation problem.

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