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Our Foundational Promise To You

Look no further for the best concrete, foundation, wall and repair guy in town, The Block Guy. 

Residential Concrete

A concrete foundation is an important element of any home. It is the one thing that makes your home stand strong for decades to come. Without a strong foundation, your home would be at risk of collapsing.

Concrete Stem Walls

Concrete stem walls are used to connect a buildings foundation to the walls of the structure. They provide an alternative to a concrete slab. 

Concrete Repair

Our New Mexico climate and soil content places consistent stress on your foundation. The continual expansion and contraction of the ground often puts a lot of strain on concrete. This eventually leads to cracks and other damage.

Your Concrete Block Guy

We are ready to assist you will all your concrete needs. From concrete walls to floors to foundations to concrete block we have years of experience. And we operate with finest quality and workmanship. We keep your mind at ease when it comes to your home’s foundation and other concrete projects. Because we make sure that it is done right, to a high standard, completed with modern techniques and materials and attention to all the details necessary. Each concrete construction work is done with industry standards in mind and great customer service. Additionally, we want to give your concrete project the time and attention it deserves because it is the most important part of your home. 

Concrete block walls and stem walls of all kinds are a specialty of ours. From garden decorative walls, to retaining walls, to foundation stem walls. We know concrete construction. Concrete is a versatile and durable material. Many home and business owners are using it to replace other types of fencing. Because of it’s long-lasting durability, concrete is a great option for creative wall ideas. There are almost endless possibilities. 

An improperly poured concrete foundation can wreak havoc on the rest of the structure! Everything rests on it. Literally! When you higher The Block Guy, you get peace of mind knowing your foundation is poured right. You also get a company that has a reputation for being one of the best in the business. With over 20 years of experience, The Block Guy has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.


Sometimes Concrete Needs Repairs

Despite the durability of concrete there are times when it needs repair. We have a team of experienced concrete repair experts. It is important to find a company that specializes in concrete repair or removal. Not all of concrete companies are created equal. When looking for a company to do your concrete repair or removal, you want to find one that has a lot of experience and is willing to give you a guarantee of their work. Equally important, you want a concrete contractor that has the proper safety equipment and can safely remove your busted concrete without damaging your property.

The Block Guy LLC endeavors to put you first, so we can provide good customer care and value from the beginning of a foundation project right down to the end of it. We meet our customers for an inspection and free estimate of the concrete construction project and answer questions. You can trust that you’re in good hands with The Block Guy because of our experience, tested methods and affordable prices. 

Choose Roswell's #1 Concrete Block Company

What makes us the go to concrete company? We believe in experience skill and quality! And we’ve got that in spades. 

High Quality Service

Our mission is to provide you with the highest service we can. So, let us impress you with our exceptional customer service. 

Experienced Professionals

We have decades of experience in concrete construction. We know concrete. And we strive to communicate well with you during the project.

High Quality Workmanship

We strive to use the best industry standard practices and highest quality materials. That’s why our approach yields durable and elegant concrete work.

Onsite Free Estimates

We evaluate the project first hand and thoroughly to make sure that you get what you need. That way,  you don’t pay for things that are unnecessary and frivolous to the project.

Locally Owned & Operated

We are a locally owned and operated concrete construction company. Proudly serving Southeast New Mexico.

Reliable & Prompt

We strive to get every project finished in a timely manner with as few delays as possible. And we value your time and want to make the most of it. 

Safe & Secure

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24x7 Support

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Low Cost

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